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Terms and Conditions

Using this website means you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions:

1. The site -

2. The items listed on the site are offered for sale

3. Time of shipping -  up to 7 business days after completing an order.

4. Address of shipping - the address specified by the customer as the address
for sending orders

5. Order completion - The time the credit card company approved the transaction made by the customer.

6. Business days are weekdays, Sunday to Thursday, excluding Friday, Saturday and holidays.

1. The site serves as a virtual store for the sale of socks and other products.

2. For any questions, clarifications inquiries, you can contact us by sending an email directly to

3. These Terms and Conditions is the legal basis for making an order and browsing the site and and is the only thing that regulate the interaction between the company and the customers browsing this site.

4. Every person who places an order or purchases through the website declares that when performing the action he has read these Terms and Conditions, and that he agrees to all the provisions and conditions of these terms and conditions, he or she will not have any claim or claim against the site, the company or the management of the site or any of its managers and employees, in all matters relating to the provisions and conditions of these regulations.

5. The company has the rights to change the regulations from time to time at its sole discretion without the need to give notice or prior notice.

6. The prices of the products include VAT according to the law.

7. The product images displayed on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not obligate the management of the website at all. It is also agreed and clarified that the company will strive to do its best to present to its customers as accurate images as possible.

8. If in the attached photo the faces of the characters are close to each other and are considered as "one cut" the faces will be cut together without extra payment.
If the customer is interested in cutting one of the faces and separate it he will have to add a note and extra payment.

9. The company isn't obliged to keep stock of all the models or socks whose photos appear on the website.

10. The company does its best to ensure that the information displayed on the site is the most complete and accurate information but it is clarified that some of the error that may appear in it, not intentionally, the company will not take any responsibility 

11. All prices on the website appear on the products and are pocked in Israeli New Shekels.

12. The management of the site may update the prices of the products on the site and the delivery rates from time to time without any prior notice. The price that is valid in relation to the order placed is the price that is published when completing the order process (which includes the provision of credit card information). If prices are updated before the ordering process is completed, the customer will be charged according to the updated prices.

13. The management of the site may offer sales, promotions, benefits and discounts on the site in any way of communication - including telephone, email or text message.
The management of the site may at any time terminate these promotions, sale benefits and discounts, replace them or change them without any need to give prior notice.

14. The terms of conditions on this website applies to the use of the website and services included in it via any device usage such as computers, cell phones, various PDAs, etc. They also apply to the use of the website whether through the internet or through any network.

15. When updating the shopping cart, the company has the rights to send a reminder to the customer about the abandoned cart, by sending an email to the address the customer entered.

16. When registering to the site, you'll get the option to subscribe for official mailings in purpose of updating our customers with new features or products. If the customers wishes to removes himself from the subscription he can do so, easily by clicking the link at the bottom of the mail received by Shugis, please note that there are separate mailing lists, one for main updates and offers, and the other includes personal updates directly to the customers, in that case the customers must note that they were removed from the list and won't receive any more mails - it is the customers' responsibility to remove themselves from the lists.

17. Registration to the site is limited to creating one single account for each customers. The company reserves the right to remove duplicate accounts.

18. Specials sales and discount coupons apply to all items no the site except products that already has discounts already. Way of using coupons or promotions are detailed at the end of the Terms and Conditions page. The coupon can only be used by purchasing on the website, only one coupon can be used on purchase. In case of returning/refunding an item purchased at a discount, the amount refunded will be the one paid after the discount.

19. The management of the site will refer to tagging on the Instagram with the following tags - #shugisocks #shugi as an invitation to share the visual content, which after uploading it will be chosen to be displayed on the site in the relevant category.
Any customers who are not interested in displaying their content may contact our customer service in any means, and the content will be removed immediately!

For the detailed delivery policy, click here.

Registration to the company's website and ordering through the site

1. Purchasing products will be made by a customer by filling out an order form that appears on the site. It will be clarified that filling all the details is a condition to place any order.

2. The management of the site will never make any use of the customer's details, except in accordance to the site's privacy policy and forms an integral part of these terms and conditions and purchase.

3. In order to ensure that your order is completed accurately it is necessary to click on "Deliver all items". If incorrect details are provided when placing the order, the company cannot guarantee that the products will reach their destination. If such event occurs, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling fees. Your order must be filled accurately and up to date.

4. When a customer completes an order, the credit card company will check the credit card details, and upon confirmation by the credit card companies, the customer will receive a message that the order has been approved.

5. Order details as entered by the customer in the order form and registration of the transaction on the company's computers will constitute a complete and final proof of the correctness of the course of action.

6. If the transaction has not been approved by the credit card company, the customer will receive a message that will ask to provide another payment method.

7. Approval of the purchase operation is conditional on the product actually being in stock at the company's warehouses on the requested delivery date and / or on the order date. However, it is not stated that the product is not in stock and the product has not been removed from the site by the time the order is placed, the company will not be liable to sell the product, and the buyer will not have any claim and / or claim in this regard for any damage, direct damage or indirect damage. Caused to the buyer and / or the third party. The aforesaid is subject to the fact that the management of the site will return to the customer any amount he paid for the purpose and indeed paid to the company and / or the company will cancel the charge to influence. It should be emphasized and clarified that we have conducted situations in which even though a certain item is displayed on the site as in stock, in practice it is not in stock and can not be bought - in these situations the transaction will be canceled and the customer will not have a claim.

8. Each customer will be allowed to order a product and select a desired destination for delivery by updating the desired location in the order page, but the last destination that was selected will be where the order is shipped.

9. It is emphasized that the company will be entitled to not approve a customer's order for any reason and at its sole discretion as in cases where: Once the details have been provided, the binding documents have been approved and the customer's consent to the terms of use and privacy policy, the site management may update through his account on the site or via e-mail. This includes content updates, information about its services and products, as well as services and products of others, promotions, innovations on the site, within the meaning of section 30A. To the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 5742-1982.

* If incorrect details were intentionally provided during the registration on the website

* If an act or a mission has been committed, which harms or is likely to harm the site or the management of the site, or any third parties, including the customers, employees and suppliers of the site management

* If the website services were used to carry out an act that is presumed to be illegal under the laws of the State of Israel or in order not to allow, facilitate, assist or encourage the commission of such an act

* If the terms of this agreement, the terms of one of the binding documents or the terms of any other online service other than the site housing have been violated

* If there is a financial debt to the company or the transport companies with us and the debt is not repaid, even though the deadline for its payment has passed

* If the credit card held by the customer is blocked or restricted in use in any way

10.Once the payment details have been entered on the payment page, a confirmation will be sent via e-mail of the private receipt for the order. This approval does not oblige the management of the site to produce the products, and it only indicates that the time details from which it was received by the management of the site.

11. If it turns out that the customer's credit card is not valid, or that the credit card company does not honor the transaction, or that PayPal (or any other available electronic wallet service) is with the customer to complete or cancel the transaction.

12. Paid through a PayPal account the customer will be asked to order the account details existing on the PayPal website, or can choose to open a PayPal account to become. If the customer decides to pay through a PayPal account, the company will only be able to charge for the products after receiving approval from PayPal. The use and receipt of the approval is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of PayPal, and not of the site.

13. According to the rules of the site, receiving a gift, the variety of the promotion is limited to one item per customer.

Canceling a transaction and returning a product policy

1. The provisions of this section are subject to the Consumer Protection 1981 (the law).

2. The customer (and not the recipient) can cancel the order made in each of the cases and under the following conditions: Any credit will be transferred to the credit card where the order was made only, and in accordance with the schedules of the credit company.

* Cancellation of the order before sending the product to the customer will not result in an additional charge, and the money paid for the transaction, including the shipping fee, will be refunded to the customer. A monetary credit will be given in accordance with the provisions of the law.

* Eligibility for a financial credit is conditional on a time of up to one month (at the latest) from the date of the transaction in credit / PayPal.

3. No monetary credit will be given for items for which no monetary consideration has been paid, such as promotions or gifts.

4. Direct/Debit cards cannot be refunded, so you may receive your refund as site credits.

5. Returning items purchased with site credits will return you the site credits that were used.

6. If any lack of stock happens, products that were purchased and not in stock will be credited in the site and an email will be sent to the customer.

Company's responsibility

1. The company and / or the management of the site and / or those on their behalf will not be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage caused to the user and / or the surfer and / or the customer and / or a third party, as a result of use or purchase through the site , Not according to these regulations - whatever the cause of action is - including loss of income and / or deprivation of profit that will be caused for any reason, in which case the company reserves the right to cancel the specific order.

2. If there is a clerical error in the description of the item, this will not obligate the company and / or the management of the site.

3. The images of the items on the site are for illustration only and there may be differences between the images displayed on the site, some or all of them, and the items actually sold.

4. In any case, the company will not bear any responsibility that exceeds the value of the socks / product purchased, as well as any indirect damage and / or consequential damage.

5. The company is not responsible for the use made by the customer and / or the customer that is not in accordance with the manufacturer's and / or the company's instructions, including washing.

6. The management of the site will not be responsible for delays in the delivery of the items as a result of events beyond its control, such as malfunctions, delays, strikes, natural disasters, malfunctions in the computer system or telephone systems that will impair the completion of the purchase process or e-mail service malfunctions.

7. The management of the site will do its best to provide quality products on the requested date. If the customer believes that the products purchased through the site or the services are defective, he is welcome to contact customer service at 03-5250114, and the site management will handle the request as early as possible.


1. All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, designs, methods and trade secrets, are the property of the Company only. These rights apply, among other things, to the data on the site, including the list of products, description and design of the socks.

2. No information may be copied, reproduced, distributed, sold, marketed, and translated from the site, including trademarks, images and texts, stock design, stocking images and so on without the permission of the company.

3. No commercial use may be made of the data published in the database, the list of products appearing in it or other details published in it, without the prior written consent of the site management.

4. No data published for the purpose of presenting them on the site or any other service may be used without the prior written consent of the site management and subject to the terms of that consent (if given).

5. The name 'Shugis' as well as the domain name of the site, the trademarks (whether registered or not) are all the property of the company only. They may not be used without their prior written consent.

6. Insofar as there are trademarks (including images, drawings, etc.) submitted for publication by the companies offering products and services for sale on the site, then the trademarks are the property of those companies and may not be used without their consent.

7. All verbal content, icons (ICONS) All information and / or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, including their editing and display on the site, are the sole property of the company and the company owners.

8. The site services should be used for legal purposes only.

9. You may not copy and use, or allow others to use, in any other way the content from the Site, including other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any other purpose.

10. Do not run or allow to run any computer application or any other means, including software such as Crawlers, Robots, etc., for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving content from the site. This includes not creating and not using such means to create a compilation, collection or repository that will contain content from the site.

11. Content from the site must not be displayed in a frame, visible or hidden.

12. Content from the site may not be displayed in any way - including through any software, device, accessory or communication protocol - that changes the design of the site or removes any content from it, in particular advertisements and commercial content.

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