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Q&A - Shugis Personalized Gifts
Q: What makes Shugis unique? A: Shugis specializes in transforming your cherished moments into personalized gifts. From face socks and custom underwear to phone cases and wood photo blocks, each product is a canvas for your memories. What sets us apart is our commitment to quality, creativity, and making every occasion special.
Q: Where is Shugis located? A: Shugis is proudly based in Las Vegas, USA. Our warehouse is where the magic happens – where your personalized gifts come to life before making their way to your doorstep.
Q: How does the personalization process work? A: It's simple! Choose a product, upload a photo, and let us work our magic. We cut out faces from your pictures and print them on the selected item. Before printing, we ensure clarity and quality. If anything is unclear, we'll get in touch with you to guarantee the best results.
Q: What products do you offer? A: Our range includes face socks, custom underwear, phone cases, wood photo blocks, and much more. Each item is designed to add a personal touch to your gift-giving experience.
Q: Where do you ship, and what are the shipping options? A: Currently, we ship within the United States from Las Vegas. We offer two shipping options:
  • Economy (5-8 working days, $5)
  • USPS Priority Express (2-4 working days, $15)
Q: What is Shugis' return policy? A: Due to the personalized nature of our products, we do not offer refunds once an order has been placed. However, we thoroughly review customization details before printing. If there are any concerns, we'll reach out to you to ensure clarity and satisfaction.
Q: Are there job opportunities at Shugis? A: Absolutely! Join our dynamic team in Las Vegas. Check our "Apply for a Job" page for current openings and details on how to apply.
Q: How can I get in touch with Shugis? A: We'd love to hear from you! For general inquiries, email us at shugiesusa@gmail.com. If you're applying for a job, use the same email with your resume and cover letter.