Our Journey

Our Story: Bringing Moments to Life, One Gift at a Time
Welcome to Shugis, where every gift tells a story, and every story is uniquely yours!
Our Roots in Israel
It all began in 2018, under the vibrant skies of Israel. Shugis, a vision born in the world of online commerce, set out on a journey to turn precious memories into tangible moments. Starting as an online store, we quickly became a sensation, resonating with the hearts of our customers who embraced the idea of turning their favorite photos into personalized gifts.
From Online Success to Viral Sensation
The overwhelming success prompted us to expand beyond the digital realm. In just a few years, Shugis made its mark in physical stores across Israel. Our unique concept became a trendsetter, capturing the imagination of people who sought the perfect, personalized gift. The trend became a phenomenon, and before we knew it, Shugis was the talk of the town, gracing television screens and going viral on social media.
Taking the Shugis Magic to the US
Fueled by the love and support from our customers, we embarked on a new adventure. In the vibrant city of Las Vegas, we planted our roots in the United States, introducing Shugis to a whole new audience. Our mission is simple but powerful: to become the go-to brand for personalized, viral gifts in the US.
Quality Craftsmanship and Endless Possibilities
At Shugis, we're more than a business – we're a celebration of moments. Our team in Las Vegas is dedicated to transforming your memories into high-quality, customized treasures. From socks to underwear, pillowcases to wood photo blocks, each product is a canvas for your most cherished moments.
Our Vision: Your Story, Our Inspiration
Every personalized gift we create is a testament to your story. Whether it's a birthday, a celebration, or just a moment of expressing love, Shugis is here to make it extra special. Join us on this journey of crafting memories and spreading joy one personalized gift at a time.
Thank you for being a part of the Shugis story. Let's continue creating moments that last a lifetime!